Saving Debbie (Covington Billionaires) by Erin Swann


Title: Saving Debbie

Series: Covington Billionaires

Author: Erin Swann

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: July 26, 2020


What do you do when your past turns out to be a lie?

My family forced me to participate in their crimes. I’m now on the run from them, and the cops. Luke came to my rescue when I was beaten and robbed of the money I’d saved for my escape. Slowly, I realize that everything I thought I knew is a lie, and the tattooed ex-con biker is the only one I can trust. To unravel it all, I must talk to the boy from long ago who lived through the nightmare with me.

I brought home the battered and bruised girl because the strong protect the weak. She came with a hitch: the news said she’d just robbed a bank. The smart move would have been to claim the reward. I was on parole for another two years, and the impulse to keep her was both stupid and dangerous.

As Debbie’s life unravels, she yearns to learn the truth from long ago. But, at what cost?









Author : Rosa & Tricia

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