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Hart of the Storm by Skye Turner

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Amberlee Hart has always had it easy. Her beauty and ability to sing like a Siren have made her a star in Louisiana. Though her dreams are much bigger than “the boot.”

Jeb Storm has always been a tortured soul, judged for his upbringing. Music has always been his escape.

While driving to the most important audition of his life, Jeb stops to help a woman in distress.

Amberlee instantly recognizes the “boy from the wrong side of the tracks” who frequented her thoughts “way back when”.

Forgotten attraction is rekindled and a relationship is formed.

Passion wars with beautiful musi

c as both pursue their dreams.

There can be only one star.

Will the man who’s always had to fight for everything in his life forfeit his dream for the one thing he’s never had… love?

Will the woman who’s never doubted she’d find fame compromise her dreams for the perfect man?

Can love conquer the Hart of the Storm?

**This is an adult romance book and contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes not suitable for all readers. Intended for those over the age of 18.