Hijacked (Love, Philly, #1) by Sonia Esperanza


All Annie Miller wants to do is start over. A fresh start where no one knows about her world burning down ten years ago. But to start anew, she must follow through with the promise she made to herself once she dusted the ashes off of her skin: avenge her mother’s death.

Hector Rivera lives a simple life. He’s a father to his son. A protector of his city. The executioner to those who slip through the justice system.

When Hector intercepts Annie’s revenge and hijacks her plans, she knows exactly what she has to do. After all, it’s what she’s been doing her whole life: survive. Hector is just an added step in her plans. She’ll walk away as soon as he gives her what she wants. But what if he can’t give her the one thing she finds herself wanting the most? His heart.