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Bad Decisions by Sonia Esperanza

Are bad decisions anything other than exactly what they proclaim to be?

For Lacey Johnson, a bad decision is not even in the realm of possibility in her world. There's no room for it. Not with her living her dream as a full-time nurse and not with her mind already controlling so much of her on a daily basis.

For Samuel Rivera, the bad decisions have come to a halt. Returning home from college to take over the family business for his dad, there is no room for anything but clearheaded choices.

Lacey and Samuel, two people who would have never met under different circumstances, meet a second time and once out of their city and into the one claiming itself to be made of sin, one dares the other to make a bad decision and surprising both of them, the other goes through with it.

The thing about decisions, though, no matter how small or big, no matter how good or bad, they change your life forever.