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The Psycho Before Christmas by Michelle Hercules

Everyone thinks I’m the perfect daughter, a model student, and the star of the track team. But when an asshole hurts me, he’ll find out I have a darker side.

Then my plan of retaliation is foiled by Killer Santa, a psychopath who offed my ex before I could.

I spent a year hating him for denying me my revenge. I couldn’t have foreseen that the killer who terrorized our hometown days before Christmas was none other than my stepbrother, a sinfully gorgeous pain in my ass.

I hadn’t seen him since we left for colleges on opposite sides of the country. Now we’re back under the same roof, and all the feelings I suppressed return with a vengeance. Eric is my only weakness.

But it turns out we’re not the only monsters in town. Someone is hunting us, and it’s kill or be killed.

Sounds like a good Christmas to me.

*Author’s note: Stay away if you don’t love unhinged heroes with stabbing tendencies. This novella contains dark themes.


Pale Moon by Amanda J. Clay

For the first time in Clara’s life, she’s finally starting to feel at home in Pt. Redwood. Following her heroic endeavors six months prior, the people in town finally see her as an ally and not a threat. She and Sean have settled into a happy life and business at the Drunken Mermaid has never been better.

But if there’s one thing Clara knows is to never trust the the calm before the storm.

When a local teenage girl accuses one of Pt. Redwood’s esteemed elders of atrocious acts, getting him killed, Clara knows there’s more to the story. This girl is terrified of something–or someone–and Clara has the sneaking suspicion she’s covering for her real attacker.

Clara can’t help but come to the girl’s defense, jumping into the investigation. But this time, Clara might be up against an enemy she can’t beat.


Queen of Madness by Lee Jacquot

The greatest weakness any man can ever have is a woman.
The inherent need to protect them can become overwhelming and all consuming. It makes us think irrationally and do stupid things. In my case, falling down a rabbit hole.
My sister made a mistake. One that put us in debt with the Italian mob who owns half the state, and as payment they’ve enlisted me to work for them.
Only it isn’t them I’ll be working for.
It’s for her. Onyx Embros.
She’s a ghost, a legend, the head of their rival mafia family, and the queen of Wonderland.
In order to save my family, I have to act as her guard so they can find a way to kill her. But the longer I stay, the more I realize Onyx isn’t who I thought she was, and neither am I.
Turns out, I’m just as mad.

A Bodyguard Mafia Romance