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Blaze by Gemma Weir

Everyone in Rockhead Point watched in fascination as the Barnett brothers found their women, and their happily ever afters.

But I’m not a Barnett.

I’m not destined, or cursed to fall in love at first sight.

So why when she walks in the room, do I feel the sudden urge to claim a woman I don’t know, as mine?

With her, I need to control, to possess and own.

Letting her go, isn’t an option.

But sometimes family ties are stronger than new love and someone who should have stayed in the past is trying to ruin our future.

Lies, mistakes, and doubts challenge us, but she gifted me her and I’ll never give her back.

Turns out the Barnetts aren’t the only alpha males in town, hold on tight, because it’s time to meet the Montana Mountain Protectors.