Take the Plunge (Road Trip Romance, #6) by A.K. Evans


Title: Take the Plunge

Series: Road Trip Romance, #6

Author: A.K. Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 14, 2020


Finn Anderson is done with women.

He's experienced his fair share of failed relationships. And after what the last woman did to him, he's no longer interested in taking any more chances.

So, when a beautiful woman in a sea of thousands catches his eye at a Michigan festival, Finn knows he should look the other way.

Holly Harris is done with men.

She's turned herself inside out hoping to find the one. After what the last man did to her, she's vowed never to fall again.

So, when she sees the tall drink of water staring at her in the middle of a hot summer day, Holly refuses to quench her thirst.

But then Holly ends up in a dangerous situation, and Finn has no choice but to step in to help. From there, gratitude and respect turn to friendship.

And before they can stop it, Finn and Holly are left wondering if they should take the plunge.












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