The Psycho Before Christmas by Michelle Hercules




Everyone thinks I’m the perfect daughter, a model student, and the star of the track team. But when an asshole hurts me, he’ll find out I have a darker side.

Then my plan of retaliation is foiled by Killer Santa, a psychopath who offed my ex before I could.

I spent a year hating him for denying me my revenge. I couldn’t have foreseen that the killer who terrorized our hometown days before Christmas was none other than my stepbrother, a sinfully gorgeous pain in my ass.

I hadn’t seen him since we left for colleges on opposite sides of the country. Now we’re back under the same roof, and all the feelings I suppressed return with a vengeance. Eric is my only weakness.

But it turns out we’re not the only monsters in town. Someone is hunting us, and it’s kill or be killed.

Sounds like a good Christmas to me.

*Author’s note: Stay away if you don’t love unhinged heroes with stabbing tendencies. This novella contains dark themes.









Author : Rosa & Tricia

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