Truly Yours by Mia Miller


Title: Truly Yours

Author: Mia Miller

Genres: New Adult / Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 2, 2018




We crashed into each other like the moth and the flame...

For years, we've been best friends.
I told him all my secrets and I believed I knew his.

In camp, I thought he was the most beautiful boy in the world.

In high-school, I promised him my virginity.

On our first day of college I had three revelations:

He's a jerk.

He doesn't care.

I don't even know him.







Truly YoursTruly Yours by Mia Miller
Laura's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

This is the first book that I have had the opportunity to read by this author and all though I struggled a little with it, I definitely want to read more of her work in the future. Truly Yours is only her second book and I feel that the more she continues to write the more she will grow as an author. She has great storytelling skills and knows how to grab the readers attention. She also knows how to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. I will admit that I had to put my tablet down more than a few times because the male lead got me so frustrated. Truly Yours is a story about young love, family and the lengths that two people will go to find a way to make a relationship work.

Oscar and Cordelia first met years ago at summer camp. I loved how they met. Delia comes to his aide when other boys at camp are taunting him. What begins as an awkward meeting, quickly develops into a friendship that has them spending all their spare time together. Going their separate ways at the end of the summer they decide to exchange their info and continue to keep in contact. The next several years pass as Delia and Oscar exchange letters. Delia quickly becomes frustrated as the years pass and she does not receive a letter for a long time and she decides that forgetting about the ginger-haired, golden-eyed boy is what is best for her. The pact that they had made is long forgotten and she heads off to college. What she never anticipated was coming face to face with Oscar once again.

Oscar has spent the last several years trying to make sense of his life. As an army brat his family moves around a great deal and having a mother who is not doing well emotionally carries its toll. not just on him but the entire family as well. Oscar has had to learn to toughen up and stand up for himself. The one constant in his life is Delia, he has never forgotten about her, even when he didn't have the chance to write to her. Now he finds himself face to face with the one girl that makes him weak in the knees. Can he find a way to make up for all the silent years, can he show her that he has never been able to move past what they once had?

Like I said before, there were times that I struggled with this one. I realize that it was edited, but not proofread, I can only hope that some of the inconsistencies that I came across were fixed with the uploaded version. Overall, I did enjoy the story. It took me a bit to feel a connection to the characters, but I think Miller did a good job at executing this story and set it up nicely for the next one coming in the series.

4 iScream Stars




Mia Miller started writing as a getaway from a taxing day job in a multinational corp. A lover of all things romance since forever, Mia tries to find a little bit of a love story even in zombie movies. She likes her
book boyfriends Alpha and her novels naughty.

Nowadays Mia can be constantly found typing away, with her Dogo Argentino at her feet. Mia brings to her readers books in the New Adult and Contemporary Romance genre.







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