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Third Degree by Vee Taylor

Gianna Ricci is running out of time.

When billionaire Elio Marchetti helped her escape her family at the age of 18, she knew her freedom wouldn’t last forever. The mafia never let anyone out of their grasp for long.
But that freedom comes at a price.
And she will be forced back into the dark and dangerous life she left behind.
Trouble is, Elio is the only person she’s ever wanted.
A charming silver fox, he claimed her – mind, body, and soul – all those years ago, and Gianna has never fully recovered.

He may be twenty years older, but he’s sinfully sexy.
Their chemistry is electric, and every time they are together the temptation just grows stronger.
Unfortunately, when she returns home, she still has a price to pay.
And the secrets he’s keeping could turn her world upside down.

Ready or not, war is brewing.
And when Gianna’s life is at stake, Elio must find a way to protect her, no matter the cost.

But can he also protect her heart?