War of Hearts (Storm MC Reloaded, #2) by Nina Levine


Title: War of Hearts

Series: Storm MC Reloaded, #2

Author: Nina Levine

Genres: MC Romance, #Forbidden

Release Date: August 22, 2019


I tried not to look at her.
I tried not to want her.
I tried not to love her.
But she won this war of hearts and now I'm a man on my knees.
This love may kill me.
My president will see to that.
No one touches his daughter.
He's removed me from her life.
He's sent me to hell where every day is a bloodbath.
If he thinks he's won, he's wrong.
Every battle is won before it's fought and she won this battle a long time ago.
I surrendered in our war of hearts and now I'll fight to the death for my queen.






5 iScream Cones

"I'm not sure what's harder at this point: dealing with her attitude or keeping my eyes off her."

Nina Levine broke my heart in this forbidden romance. She dangled this amazing couple in front of me like a delicious treat and then told me they couldn't be together. What the WHAT? Of course, he would finally find 'the one' and she would be off-limits, right? Tell that to their hearts...

Not only is she the daughter of his president, but she's also broken. Being forced to watch and protect her but not touch her is torture for him. Being unable to take away her pain is painful. Recognizing his feelings being reflected back at him in her eyes is the stuff nightmares are made of. To see everything he wants but can't have on a daily basis is a test of his love and loyalty. How long will he be able to resist?

It goes without saying that this new installment in the Storm Reloaded series has plenty of danger and suspense thrown in to keep readers riding on the edge. The club is facing a war and lives and hearts are at stake. There's no guarantees who will be left standing when it's over, but I wouldn't want to miss a second of the battle. The line forms here...








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