What Happens During the Holidays: A Holiday Anthology


Title: What Happens During the Holidays
Authors: E.M. Abel, Renee Ericson, Lucy Gage, 
Jessica Ingro, Kelli Jean, Elle Jefferson,
Cheryl McIntyre, Beth Michele,
Tessa Teevan & K. Webster
Genre: Romance Anthology
Release Date: November 27, 2017

Holidays happen.

It’s inevitable.

Emotions run high
and plans can get turned upside down, landing you in bed with someone so far
off the radar you never saw them coming.

Is it love? Is it
lust? Or is it just what happens during the holidays? 

*What Happens
During the Holidays is a collection of fun and sexy holiday short stories from
a group of fun and sometimes sexy authors. Or maybe they’re ninjas.*

All proceeds to benefit Direct Relief


Coming Home by E.M. Abel

Fortune by Renee Ericson

The Meeting by Lucy Gage

Love Square: The Remix by Jessica Ingro

Mahalo by Kelli Jean

Big Mistake by Elle Jefferson

A Gift from Fate by Cheryl McIntyre

Going Down by Beth Michele

The Naughty List by Tessa Teevan

Naughty St. Nick by K. Webster







What Happens During the HolidaysWhat Happens During the Holidays Anthology
Tricia’s rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Just starting What Happens During the Holidays and WOW, first book I read, freaking AWESOME!!

Coming Home by E.M. Abel November 8, 2017

Soo this is my first book I have read by EM Abel, holy cow, I really love her writing style. This is why I love reading these anthology’s cuz you can find new authors to read as well!!

Coming home is about Samantha coming back home after years of being away. She comes home at the request of her sister. While on the road but close to home, she ends up running off the road and is in need of some assistance. The tow truck guy comes up and low and behold its a guy she remembers from high school, she could never forget those beautiful green eyes!! He had always been so mysterious and rarely spoke to anyone. At first she doesn’t think he recognized her, but ohhh yes, he does remember, he was just waiting for the right time to let her know that he surely did remember her. Sooo now you need to read the book to find out what happens next!! lol

I gave Coming Home 5 iScream Cones. I really did love reading this short story and I will definitely be looking up more books by EM Abel to read.

Fortune by Renee Ericson November 9, 2017

I read Fortune by Renee Ericson next, another new author to me and OMG y’all, I am sooo loving these short, HAWT steamy stories!!!

So this book was about Lila Pierce finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her with her freaking sister and everybody knew about it but her!! So she decides to go on a walk and she runs into her senior Government teacher Mr. Barnes. She remembers how she use to sit in class and lust over him. And unbeknownst to her, he had those same feelings. They hang out for a while and share their heartbreaks on this Christmas Eve. Mr. Barnes ends up inviting Lila over andddd this is where my review will end..lol And now you need to read this story and find out what happens next!! I gave Fortune 5 iScream Cones. Great read!!!

The Meeting by Lucy Gage November 9, 2017

The Meeting by Lucy Gage was my next read, new author for me again…love..love her writing style, she kept me turning those pages wanting to find out what was happening next!!
The Meeting was about Lawson, he was on his way to a meeting and notices a beautiful red head woman but doesn’t have time to catch up with her because he was late for a new job position in bustling New York. And since he was late, he missed the person he was supposed to meet up with. He ends up leaving the office and is walking down the street and wishes he could see the beautiful red head again..but he never seen where she was going. Lawson decides to go to a bar nearby, and the beautiful red head ends up sitting in the bar stool next to him. They end up chatting it up, both share why they are in town and they have instant chemistry. Yesss, this is where I am ending this review, lol, you have to make sure you read The Meeting so you can find out how much chemistry they do have and why each are in New York. I gave this book 5 iScream Cones!!!

Love Square: The Remix by Jessica Ingro November 9, 2017

Sex on a Stick Jessica Ingro!!!! I love loved Love Square. Another new author for me!!!!
I just want to point out that scene where he placed her hand on him and he had her hold it there…holy crap…I almost spontaneously combusted myself. lmao…Goodness Girlll that was one HAwT as Hell scene!!!
Anywhooo, this book was about second chances. Sam ran to the store for a few items that she needed for Christmas Dinner. She ends up running into her high school flame, they end up talking and finding out what each other has been doing over the years. She went through a divorce and he went through a relationship that didn’t end well either. Y’all this book was utterly delicious!!! I gave this book 5 iScream Cones…I freaking want more of this story…just loved it!!!

Mahalo by Kelli Jean November 9, 2017

Mahalo was my next read by Kelli Jean, new author to me, loved her writing style as well… I am just soo giddy with all these new authors in one book that I now get to stalk!!!!

Sooo Mahalo was about Willow going to meet up with an old flame. His name is Joseph Aalona Keoloha. He had reached out to her through Facebook. She had met him when she was an exchange student over in Hawaii years ago. They kept in touch for a bit after she went back home, but then with time, they just kinda grew apart. Willow was really excited to hook back up with him and when she traveled there and she seen him again, those butterflies were back. Goodness this book was a fun, hot little read!! I gave Mahalo 5 iScream Cones. Make sure you read Mahalo cuz you have to find out if she goes back home or stays in Hawaii with this beautiful Hawaiian man!!!

Big Mistake by Elle Jefferson November 10, 2017

Big Mistake was my next read…eep another new author and this one is sooo good as well!!
This book was about Desi and her friends dragging her to one of the biggest law firms in towns Christmas party. She doesn’t want to go because she caught her ex cheating on her with her boss. She just wants to stay home and chill. While at the party, she runs into one of the most handsome men, sex on a stick is what she blurted out…lol Boy do they ever hit it off. They end up leaving the party andddd now you need to make sure you read Big Mistake and find out if it was a mistake leaving with this man…or did Desi have the time of her life?? 5 iScream Cones!!! loved it!!!

Gift from Fate by Cheryl McIntyre November 10, 2017

My next book was Gift from Fate, new author and wow you kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going on in this book..Loved your writing style Cheryl!!! This book starts off with Taylor walking back home on Christmas Eve when she realizes that there is a new fresh set of tracks in the snow leading to her house. She starts worrying that they found her, she doesn’t know how they found her, but they did. Soo Taylor takes off in her car, she doesn’t really know where she is going, but she does know that she is running for her life!!! I gave Gift from Fate 5 iScream Cones. Holy cow I just loved this read as well. Make sure you read this short story and find out what Taylor is running from and if she has a knight in shining honor to save her!!!

Going Down by Beth Michele November 11, 2017

Next read is Going Down *THUD* Lord have mercy, I do not know how my kindle has not spontaneously combusted yet? lol yesss new author to me…yesss I will be looking up her books as well..loved this read!!! Dash is sitting at the bar Christmas Eve, he hates Christmas, but ohhh lord he is loving this Christmas Eve!!! While sitting at the bar, this smart mouth, broody and hawt as Hell of a man just took up a seat beside him. They banter back and forth and then they decide to leave the bar….yupp you guessed it, you have to make sure you read Going Down, this book was sooo good, such a hot little story-5 iScream Cones for sure from me!!!

The Naughty List by Tessa Teevan November 11, 2017

Hot dang, next read, older woman, younger man, yesss we have a Cougar on the prowl and this is another new author for me!!! 5 iScream Cones. She was an empty-nester and had nothing fulfilling in her life. She was very lonely until she checked herself into a Spa. This is where she met, actually reunited with a guy she had slept with over 15 years ago. But she was much older now and she was a little nervous about her body and how it had changed over the years, but she was a firm believer in that the naked body is beautiful and shouldn’t be hidden away so she decided to just go with it and see what happens next. They end up picking up where they left off 15 years ago and decide to spend the next several days together, they come up with a Naughty List to act out over these several days they are spending together. Ohh yess, you have to read what was on this list and see if they get through them all!!

Naughty St. Nick by K. Webster November 11, 2017

Gooood Lawwdddd I saved the best for last!!! K. Webster was the reason I picked this book up, she is one of my very fav authors to read and lord have mercy, Naughty St. Nick did not disappoint!!!
Dane was at his Christmas party, feeling sorry for his self, he was 47, almost divorced and here he was sitting at this Christmas party and he was dying to get out of there, but he knew that leaving would be highly frowned upon. Sooo Dane is sitting at the bar and he hears a booming voice come from beside him: “I’ll have whatever he’s having. And put it on his tab.” LMAO this broody man is one hawt alpha male. They start chatting and then they decide to leave the party and go have some fun. Y’all, I am stopping it right here, first, no matter how cold it is outside, you are definitely going to need to turn on or turn down those air conditioners!!!! Naughty St. Nick is sooo very Naughty!!! 5++++++++ iScream Cones for sure!! One of the Hawtest reads I have read in a while!!!



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